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Work completed
Over the last year (up to Christmas 2020) a lot of work has been taken on in order to make the building safe and structurally sound to allow us to progress to the enhancement stage. Due to wind damage to the roof some lead work was replaced as an insurance claim and during that work other roof restoration work became noticeable. As a result three of the four roof skews  were repaired and planning was started to re-slate the north roof,using 80% of the existing slates and the existing wooden sarking and roof timbers. This work is scheduled for April 2021 and will include renewing the rainwater goods.

The church has been rewired, including a new consumer unit. The front doors and window frames have all been repainted. The ramp up to the front door has had it’s walls rebuilt and lime washed along with new railings. Both these jobs were carried out by local craftsmen, and we plan to continue this policy wherever possible.

Work planned
As well as the roof work detailed above, we are planning for the windows to be removed, the glass removed,  all the frames made good and replaced.

The next large job is to restore the gallery. Our wood surrvey has identified that some of the gallery joists are rotten where they enter the outer walls. Advice has been taken and it will be posssible to repair thee affected timbers by scarfing neww timber to the original. Whilst this work is underway we plan to alter the gallery floor so that it will have two levels only,making thr space more adaptable.  The gallery ceiling will be replaced as the existing lath and plaster is in a perilous state, and the false cieling to the main body of the church will be removed.